Friday, November 6, 2009

Adorable Models!

I just have to say that when working with children for models, you can do no wrong. My photographer, Little L's Photography, and I, worked with a group of children to spice up my Etsy shop.

My little friend Mia proudly posed in my Blue & Brown Corduroy Jumper Dress.

Ciana had a good time posing in my Pink and Purple Corduroy Jumper Dress.

Bianca showed us all how it is done while showing off this Hot Pink Polka Dot Jumper Dress.

Take a look at little Eva in this Light Pink Sleeper Blanket Sack.

Let's not forget Scott, who sweetly sported this Penguin Waterproof Bib for us!

I just want to give a great big Thank you to my wonderful models!


  1. It really makes a big difference seeing your creations on the cute models.

  2. They ARE cute! I almost bought that argyle heart fabric! it is great!