Wednesday, January 21, 2009

HotPinkThread's Views on CPSIA

After speaking with the owner of the etsy shop, HotPinkThread, I am convinced of the horrible effects of the CPSIA law on small businesses. HotPinkThread's owner says, "I can't afford the required testing as of 2/10/09. $130 per sample is too expensive for my children's items." She is concerned about how she can afford to stay in business. She says it will also affect her ability to purchase handmade items for her two children. She loves to shop handmade and is dissappointed that she may not be able to do so after 2/10/09.

HotPinkThread owner has decided to shift her focus onto her handbags instead of children's items. She says, "I am hoping that an amendment will pass to assist small business owners like myself to stay in business. I don't mind using tested and certified materials, I just can not afford to test each one of my creations."

Please support this cause and send letters to your local senators and representatives to help raise awareness on this issue.

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