Monday, January 12, 2009

HipKidsTyeDye - How the CPSIA is Affecting This Etsy Shop

The owner of HipKidsTyeDye says, "I tye-dye because I love it. I tye-dye because my the best part of this job is receiving letters from the moms of kids who love their dresses, shirts and hats so much they won’t wear anything else. I tye-dye because I can flex my creative muscle and play mad scientist in the basement with bottles of dye."

The owner of this online Etsy shop has been tye dying for over 10 years. She is very concerned with how the new CPSIA Law will affect her business.

"My cottage business is at risk of being shut down due to expense of mandatory third party testing and labeling of my items. I have done my due diligence on the products I use and although certification from the manufacturers is not good enough according to the law, at the very least I have peace of mind knowing that the dyes I use are safe. This CPSIA legislation is a perfect example of overkill. Sometimes more is not always better. Sometimes it’s just more, and it doesn’t serve any real purpose but to clog the market with unnecessary re-testing."

She states that she will continue to support handmade and she hopes you will too! Please visit her shop at:

Hip Kids Tye Dye

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  1. We love Tye Dye in house, it is the best way to fix a grape juice stain! LOL! I look forward to the day we are all at peace over this law because I have faith they will fix this mess they made!!!