Saturday, December 12, 2009

Month of Giving - Coffee Cozy Giveaway

For our third “Month of Giving” contest, CJ’s Fine Designs is featuring an Etsy shop called TheGreenHaven. Here is a little information about the shop owner for TheGreenHaven.

My name is Megan Anderson. I currently live in Frostburg, MD, which is a pretty small town. I’m going to college at Frostburg State University which is way up in the mountains, making it ridiculously cold.

My mother actually found Etsy for me. One of her co-workers told her about it and she passed it on to me. My craft is sewing, which I’ve been doing it most of my life. My grandmother started teaching me when i was around 5 or 6. (I’m only 18 now... so I’ve been sewing for about 12 yrs.) I can get inspiration from anything, from a new fabric I buy, to a bag I saw in a store. I often find that my best projects come when I just start sewing with no intention in mind.

I work out of my apartment in a small room, so i have to keep my material and inventory in tubs in my closet. I use an end table with a towel for an ironing board, and my desk has to get cleared off whenever I want to sew so that I have room for my sewing machine.

I will be going home for the holidays. I am very excited about that. My favorite holiday tradition is our family visits. Every Christmas Eve we go to my mother’s parents and have Christmas dinner and presents. Then Christmas day we open presents at my house and then go to my Dad's parents for Christmas dinner and presents. We all liv
e within 5 miles of each other it’s so nice to have everyone close.

You can find me on:
my other shop~
other blog~

Megan has been nice enough to donate a Winter Penguin Coffee Huggy for this contest. This coffee huggy will make a great gift or you can keep it for yourself!

To enter, just leave a comment on this post with your favorite item from TheGreenHaven shop on Etsy.

Additional ways to enter:

Visit my Etsy shop at CJ's Fine Designs and leave a comment with your favorite item.

Become a fan of my Facebook page.

Become a follower of CJ’s Fine Designs on Twitter

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The winner will be chosen on December 17th!


  1. thanks for the chance.

  2. I really like all of the reusable snack bags - what a great idea!

  3. I like the coffee huggy in flower print .

    note- also want to know if your giveaway is open to everyone worldwide . Thank you !


  4. I am a facebook fan .


  5. I am now a follower of your blog .

  6. I like the cherry print Reuseable Snack Bag/Sandwich Buddie!

  7. reusable snowmen gift bags

  8. I follow your blog as jelaws5

  9. from your shop- country blue/red material

  10. Cool give away! I've seen this shop before. I love the cherry patterned reusable snack bag

  11. i like the coffee huggie with the multi-colored funky circles :)


  12. Love the Sandwich Buddie -Reusable Sandwich Bag -Barbie-

  13. Love the Trendy and Stylish Hot Pink Polka Dot Diaper Bag in your shop